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4 Simple Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe


As many of us begin to embrace the new norm of home isolation, why not use this time as an opportunity to deep clean and de-clutter?

And what better place to start than your wardrobe.

Clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, bags, bed linen…it’s likely that many of these items – if not all of them – call your wardrobe home, making it quite cluttered if not organised properly.

Here are four simple ways to get the most out of your wardrobe while you’re in isolation:

  1. You gotta know when to fold ‘em

Are your drawers overflowing with clothes? Do you often have to cram clothing in to make it fit? When you open your drawers, are all your clothes wrinkled? If yes, you may like to have a look at the ‘Marie Kondo Folding Method’.

Organising consultant, Marie Kondo’s effective organisation and storage techniques have become iconic and for good reason – they work! And they’re easy.

When it comes to organising your drawers, Marie suggests folding all clothes, including underwear and socks, so that each item is able to stand up.

Marie Kondo’s basic step by step folding method for shirts is outlined below:

  1. Lay your shirt on a flat surface
  2. Fold the right side inward, halfway across the centre
  3. Repeat with the left side
  4. Fold the neckline down, leaving a gap of space above the hemline
  5. Fold in half, then in half again so that it stands upright

This useful folding method will make it a lot easier to fit multiple items of clothing in your drawers, as well as give you the ability to see them all at once so you can easily pick out which clothes to wear.

  1. Seasonal colour coordinating

A well-organised wardrobe means you can see what you’re looking for straight away. Organising your wardrobe by season and colour will definitely help when you’re looking for a bright pink summer dress, or a black winter coat.

For example, divide your wardrobe rack in half – the left side for winter clothes (jumpers, jackets, long sleeves), and the right side for summer clothes (dresses, tee shirts, skirts). From here, organise each side by colour, you can use ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) or any colour scheme that works best for you.

Another method is to organise clothes by type, for example, grouping all tee shirts together, all jackets together, all dresses together and so on.

  1. Label it!

Once you’ve organised your wardrobe and drawers into sections, the next step is to label! Use a label maker if you have one, otherwise using sticky tape and paper can work just as well.

For wardrobes, you can stick large labels to the tops of coat hangers to divide between sections, types of clothes or colours.

For drawers, you can label the outside of each drawer, or divide up the inside using containers or separators and label them accordingly.

If you keep handbags, overnight bags, bedding and other items at the top of your wardrobe, placing these into cardboard or plastic boxes and labelling them appropriately is also a good idea.

  1. DIY Shoeboxes

When it comes to storing shoes, if you don’t own a shoe rack it can often be difficult to decipher which shoes are in which shoebox.

If you own plastic sheets, you can turn your ordinary shoe boxes into viewable ones! Cut a rectangle out of your shoe box and replace it with a piece clear plastic – this makes it easy to see which shoes are in each box.

You can also take a photo of each pair of your shoes, print them out, and tape the images to the appropriate shoe box for easy identification.

An alternative is to simply label each shoe box with which shoes are inside. These methods will save you from sorting through your boxes of shoes!

Every Arden home features generously sized built-in wardrobes with plenty of storage – making an organised wardrobe space easy to achieve.

For extra luxury, you can upgrade to walk-in robes in all bedrooms when you build an Aspire or Lumina home.

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