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Build Journey | Home & Land

5 Benefits of Buying Land and Building


When it comes to finding your first home, the choice between buying an existing home or building a new one can be difficult, with so many considerations to factor into your final decision.

Arden offers first home buyers a rare opportunity to build a high-quality home, at an affordable price.

So, why should you build new, instead of purchasing an established home?

You save on stamp duty

When you buy land and build on it, you only have to pay stamp duty on the price of the land. However, when you buy an established home, you have to pay stamp duty on the house and land combined. Therefore, building your home is more cost effective when it comes to paying stamp duty.

Lower maintenance

When you build a brand-new home, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to spend money on repairs or renovations in the first few years of living in it, since it’s newly built. Established homes are likely to require more upkeep or renovations, and therefore will cost more to maintain.


When you purchase land and build on it, you’re likely to be purchasing within a family-oriented or masterplanned community. This means parks, amenities, and shops will be close by, enhancing lifestyle opportunities. Arden’s house and land packages are situated within well-located and well-designed estates within Melbourne’s west, north and south-east growth corridors.


New homes must be built to meet certain sustainability regulations. This means you’ll be living in a home that is more economic, and eco-friendly – aka reduced bills are coming your way! At Arden, we’re passionate about providing our purchasers with sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective living opportunities. Our homes maximise natural light and airflow so homeowners won’t have to rely on aircon or heating for comfort, resulting in reduced electricity and energy bills.

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