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5 Benefits of Buying your Investment Property Off-the-plan


So, you’re thinking about purchasing an Arden Home as an investment? Great idea!

Our home ranges offer an affordable and high-quality solution for investors looking to secure a rental property, without breaking the bank.

There are many benefits to purchasing a brand new, off-the-plan home as your investment property. Here are just a few:

  1. Stamp duty savings

Because you’ll be purchasing the home and the land, you’ll only need to pay stamp duty on the land (not both), saving you thousands!

  1. Low maintenance

It goes without saying that a newly built home won’t nearly require the same amount of up-keep, renovations or maintenance as an established home. When you purchase one of our high-quality, expertly designed and impeccably built homes, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and repair costs.

  1. Save on inspection services

When renting out an established home, you’re required to pay for a variety of inspections, such as a pest and building inspections, before tenants can move in. Purchasing your investment property off-the-plan eliminates the need for these inspections, since it will be brand new.

  1. More time to save money

Because you’ll be paying off your investment home in instalments as it progresses through the build, the time between payments allows you to save more money than if you were to purchase an established home.

  1. Claim on depreciation

When you purchase an Arden home, you could benefit from tax deductions worth thousands of dollars. When your property is an investment asset, you can claim its depreciation against your tax return.

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