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Why Arden

5 Optional Extras Worth Considering


At Arden, we pride ourselves on our luxurious standard inclusions, which help our homes set an industry benchmark for value. 

Alongside our standard inclusions, each Arden home also comes with a set of design and décor optional upgrades. 

Here are five optional extras that are worth considering when building your dream home with Arden: 

  1. High ceilings  

Elevate the luxury of your home with raised ceilings. Elegant and opulent, high ceilings can open up a room and accentuate your beautiful, light-filled Arden home.  

The Luxe 296 home in Torquay features a raised ceiling to the living and dining spaces to really make an impact 

This 4000mm ceiling comes as an optional upgrade in our Luxe range, in lieu of the standard 2700mm ceiling height to single storey homes and ground floor of double storey homes. 

2. Tesla Powerwall 

We’re passionate about creating sustainable and ecological homes. That’s why weve included the Tesla Powerwall 2 as an optional upgrade to our Aspire homes.  

The Tesla Powerwall is a self-powered system that stores excess solar energy produced from your home’s solar panels during the day. It then makes this power available on demand, and in case of a power outage. 

The Powerwall is easy to place either inside or outside your home as it is weatherproof, touch safe and easily installable.  

3. Double aluminium internal corner sliding doors 

Upgrade to the double aluminium internal corner sliding doors by A & L Windows, to fold away the boundaries between inside and out. Beautifully stated and highly functional, these doors are the perfect solution to indoor and outdoor entertaining.  

These doors are featured in our Bargello 42mk2 home. 

4. Aluminium bi-fold windows  

Why not create the perfect entertaining space by upgrading your standard windows into Boutique Aluminium Bifold Windows?  

Also supplied by A & L Windows, these unique bi-fold windows create a kitchen servery between the sun court and butler’s pantry – a unique, stylish and functional feature for any home. 

5. Double glazing 

Arden offers double glazing as an optional extra in our Aspire and Luxe homes. Double glazed windows provide enhanced insulation compared to standard windows, and as a result prevent heat gain or loss, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Double glazing is an ecological and economical solution, as the extra insultation and controlled temperature means therell be less need for heating or cooling systems. 

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