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5 pantry-organising tips that would make Marie Kondo proud


At Arden, we’re confident that keeping your pantry clean and organised is probably pretty low on your priority list. But, if you’re in the mood for some serious spring cleaning, we think tidying your pantry with our handy hints might just spark joy! In fact, as you begin sorting your various spices, herbs, fresh, canned and packeted foods, it may even bring out your inner MasterChef!

Here are our top tips for keeping your pantry looking picture-perfect all year-round. (Don’t tell Marie, she might just want to steal these handy hints!)

  1. Use storage containers

There’s plenty of different storage options and containers to choose from to utilise and maximise space in your pantry. You can use containers to group similar items together; for example, place all snacks together, all sauces together and all spices together. Tiered pantry organisers also allow for extra space and help you to see all your pantry items, since they eliminate the need to stack items in front of or on top of each other. If you’re after a cheap container option, Kmart sells a 15 piece food storage set for $11. Ikea is another cost-effective option, with a set of 17 food containers for just $6.99.  For a luxe look, the Container Store has plenty of options, and you can get multi-purpose storage bins between $5.76 and $10.09.

  1. Organise products by their use-by date

Are there sultanas in your pantry that could have been thrown out a year ago? We’re all guilty of keeping food for too long, so it’s a good idea to put your freshest items toward the back of the pantry and the oldest towards the front. You could also use a labeller to label items with their name and use-by date, to stay extra organised.  By organising your pantry this way, you’re using older products first and ensuring all food stays fresh.

  1. Do a big clean-up every six months

After six months in your Arden home, your pantry might need a bit of attention. By doing a big clean, you can ensure you’re getting rid of anything that’s old or you’re unlikely to use. It’s a good idea to take all food and containers out and wipe down shelves as well. Like Marie says, “clean by category not room” – you can use this idea in the pantry too, by looking at sauces first and then going on to cereals and so on.

  1. Use labels

Is that salt or sugar on the top shelf? To prevent a disastrous confusion in the kitchen, labels are always a good idea to use in a pantry. Label things like herbs and spices, small items and food that doesn’t get used often. You could also add the date you opened the food, to help avoid it going out of date.

  1. Keep it minimalistic

We’re all guilty of going a bit over the top when we see something on sale. Try not to buy food for the sake of a sale. Keeping your Arden home pantry simple and minimalistic means you’ll be able to see all food clearly and it won’t be as daunting when it comes to cleaning the space. As Marie says, “when you touch an item and don’t feel joy, it’s time to throw it out”.

So, the next time you open your pantry and think, “there’s nothing to eat,” why not think about giving it a Marie Kondo inspired clean-out? We know you’ll get as much joy out of your Arden pantry as we did in designing it.

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