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AAA Advanced Windows & Doors x Arden Homes




We’re proud to partner with AAA Advanced Windows & Doors, Victoria’s premier manufacturer and supplier of aluminium windows and doors. With 35 years of experience in the building industry, they’re renowned for their work with Melbourne’s top architects and for their sleek and modern designs.


Of course, two of the most pivotal aspects of any home are its windows and doors. As well as filling a home with light, they outline spaces, frame views, offer security, and seamlessly connect the interiors and outdoors. Plus, when windows are double glazed – a standard inclusion in all Arden homes – they play a vital role in energy efficiency. 


Today we’re chatting with Nick Hinch, General Manager at AAA Advanced Windows & Doors, to understand more about their brand, their product offering and the benefits their products can provide for Arden clients.


Can you tell us about the AAA Advanced Windows & Doors business and your partnership with Arden?

We’re an architectural aluminium window and door manufacturer. Our specialty is working with architects, builders and discerning homeowners to create solutions for their residential projects.  

And we’re excited to share that our windows and doors will now be a standard inclusion in all Arden homes. As manufacturers of a truly premium product, this is a pretty amazing inclusion, and a really exciting time for us, for Arden, and for prospective clients.

We’ve been long-term supply partners with Arden – our sister company, AAA Advanced Trusses, supplies their prefabricated wall frames, floor joists and roof trusses. So we know we share the same values and desire to create something that’s a cut above the rest.

I know we’re also both obsessed with great service! As the one-stop shop for Arden’s trusses, wall frames, floor joists, windows and doors, our supply process is smoother. And most importantly, that benefit is felt at the customer level.


Can you tell us about your amazing products? What makes your windows and doors so fantastic?

We’re so thrilled that AAA Advanced Windows & Doors will now be offered as a standard to all Arden customers. We can confidently say that the quality of our products stands head and shoulders above the manufacturers who supply other volume builders.

Our windows and doors are designed and engineered locally, using premium quality materials and hardware components. Our systems combine function, style and durability to create long-lasting, energy-efficient solutions. The fact that our premium product is offered as a standard inclusion is really quite remarkable.

Unlike most other volume builders, our windows and doors offer a contemporary look and feel – they’re not chunky and clunky! 

In addition to the quality, design and materials,  one of the things that makes our windows and doors so fantastic is the design flexibility. We offer a range of frame styles, configurations, glazing and colour options to complement your home’s internal and external design schemes. The level of choice and flexibility we offer with Arden is really unrivalled by most other volume builders. 

We’re excited to see how Arden’s talented design team incorporate our windows and doors to make their homes even more unique!

AAA windows
AAA Windows

You’ve been in business for over 35 years in Melbourne. What makes your products different and better than other suppliers?

AAA Trusses was established 36 years ago and AAA Advanced Windows & Doors was established 15 years ago. Through our extensive experience working with architects and supplying to the high-end residential market, there are some key differences in our approach, versus the more standard or volume window and door suppliers. 

For instance – there’s a perception that choosing ‘chunky’ windows means higher quality. But we’re seeing the leading architects and trend setters strive to achieve a more refined, high-quality, slimline look. And this look is the basis to all of our window and door solutions.  

There is also a trend to ‘upgrade’ windows on the front façade, but we believe that all windows and doors deserve to be of high quality. We believe that all windows should be designed to maximise light and comfort, while meeting the functional requirements of your home.


What kind of things should prospective homeowners consider when it comes to windows and doors? 

Nothing compares to adding additional height to your windows and doors to create a sense of grandeur. And of course, tall windows let maximum light into your home.

We’d also encourage clients to carefully consider the finish of their window frames carefully too. We’re really excited to introduce a flat black powder coat into Arden’s colour range. This finish is a staple with Melbourne architects and designers. When it’s paired with our black slimline ‘blade’ handles on our sliding doors it creates a sleek modern steel look.


Your new showroom looks amazing, can you tell us more about it? Do you recommend clients come and visit it?

Our brand new Hallam showroom was designed with renowned Melbourne architects Pleysier Perkins, whom we have a long-standing relationship with.  Together we’ve created an elegant space to display our broad range of architectural window and door solutions.  

Arden clients are more than welcome to visit our showroom, by making an appointment through Arden.

AAA Windows

As a part of Arden’s commitment to sustainability, we work with AAA Advanced Windows & Doors to provide double glazing to windows as a standard inclusion – can you help explain how this helps the environment?

Through the two panes of glass – and the Argon gas in between them – we reduce the heat and cool transfer into your home. Using Argon gas, we see up to 30% improved performance in thermal performance compared to regular double glazing.

And double glazing itself makes a major difference because of the way it reduces the need for heating and cooling. Heat retention increases in winter and keeps your home cooler in summer, reducing the need for power-hungry heating and cooling substantially.

If you’ve got any questions or would like to arrange a visit to the AAA Advanced Windows & Doors showroom, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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