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Arden and Aquarevo – A Match Made in Home Heaven


At Arden, we are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. In order to do this, we not only need to be at the forefront of intelligent design, but sustainability and innovation as well.

One initiative we’re particularly proud of is our partnership with Aquarevo, Villawood and South East Water, to create an eco-friendly, sustainable home – the ‘Empire 28’. There are many synergies between Arden’s philosophy and the objectives of the Aquarevo community, making this partnership a match made in home heaven. Moreover, this venture is a testament to our commitment to creating energy efficient and sustainable homes.

Our architect-influenced and considered approach to building has enabled us to create a home that maximises its lot’s orientation. The Empire 28 is ideally positioned so the living and entertaining areas are situated to the side of the home, maximising solar access, circulation and natural light.

Most impressively, the Aquarevo home features a host of energy efficient solutions, enabling it to achieve an 8-star energy rating. This reduces energy usage and cost by significantly minimising the reliance on mechanical systems to maintain comfort. What Arden and Aquarevo have collectively achieved is not only an impeccably designed and comfortable abode, but a Zero Carbon Net home that is pioneering the way for sustainable living.

Some of the impressive energy-saving features included in the home are:

  1. Entirely electric appliances with a 5kw solar power system and 7.5kwh Sonnen battery, reducing energy usage and costs by harnessing the power of the sun to run all appliances, heating, cooling and hot water. A typical family will be 90% self-sufficient and benefit from immediate savings.
  2. The most efficient LED downlights available, using 90% less energy compared to a traditional halogen light.
  3. Hebel, a strong yet lightweight building product that is kind to the environment with added thermal and acoustic benefits over traditional brickwork. Hebel has a 30% lower environmental impact and 55% lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional brickwork. All waste is recycled.
  4. Double glazed energy advantage windows and doors which reduce thermal loss by up to 60% compared to traditional single glazed windows.
  5. Actron ultima heating and cooling, an all-electric heating and cooling system that can be powered by the solar panels and battery storage. It has been smartly zoned to maximise energy efficiency and reduce energy wastage. Manufactured here in Australia, the Actron ultima system can make a huge difference to the cost of living, delivering performance that’s up to 60% more efficient than traditional ducted heating and cooling.

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