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Suppliers & Partnerships

Arden Homes and James Hardie™




Here at Arden, we carefully select the brands we partner with to build and style our homes. And one of the companies we’re proud to partner with is James Hardie™.

Arden clients can choose from a range of James Hardie’s™ materials for their home’s facades and external surfaces, so today we’re taking a closer look at this iconic brand and its products.

In particular, we’ll talk you through why their Axon™ Cladding is proving to be such a popular choice for prospective homeowners.


The Axon Cladding

James Hardie™  is the global leader in the production of fibre cement – the material they use in their innovative, durable and versatile cladding. 

While their building products are available in numerous profiles and finishes, one of the materials we use most often in Arden’s exteriors is Axon™ Cladding. 

With its clean vertical lines, Axon™ Cladding adds depth and individuality to a home’s design.  The deep shadow lines and cosmetic joints lend themselves to modern, contemporary, coastal or Hamptons style constructions.  

The grooves complement both classic and modern buildings, working in all settings across the city, country and coast. This cladding pairs perfectly with traditional building materials like stone, wood and brick – so the design potential is boundless. 


Durable, lightweight, long lasting

In addition to the aesthetic properties, the physical properties of this product are truly remarkable.

Axon™ cladding incorporates all of the beauty and detail of vertical joint timber, but with increased durability. It requires low maintenance and is resistant to rotting, impact, moisture damage and termites when installed and maintained correctly.

Made from scyon fibre cement, it’s lightweight, fast to install, fire-resistant and doesn’t face the challenges of shrinking, swelling or warping that timber does.


Let’s see it in action

Here’s a closer look at the Axon™ Cladding, as featured in this Bargello 43 MK2 home. 

A true alignment of values

One of the critical factors that make James Hardie™ a valued Arden partner, is their focus on energy-efficient and sustainable design. Like us, sustainability is a core driver that shapes their work.

The James Hardie™ team reduces its environmental impact by prioritising plantation-grown, sustainable timber and low toxicity products. Crucially, their products produce a lower eco-footprint compared to many other building materials.

With their unbeatable products, their commitment to sustainability and their track record for exceptional service – it’s no wonder they’re a proud partner here at Arden.


Want to see more?

In addition to James Hardie™ products on our homes’ exteriors, we’ve recently collaborated on a range of stunning new façades. These façades capture the latest design trends and offer exceptional street appeal. 

If you’d like to see the James Hardie™ cladding or façades in person, come and visit one of our many display homes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to start your Arden journey today!

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