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Best Reasons to Buy to Build Before the End of the Year


It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner – let alone 2018.

But if you were hoping that this would be the year that you’d finally buy your own home, there’s still time to act.

Apart from giving yourself and your family perhaps the best Christmas present you could wish for, there are also some very practical reasons to get organised and purchase before the new year ticks over.

We all know that the Australian housing market can be an incredibly tough one to crack right now, so while everyone else is getting swept up in the silly season, it makes perfect sense to get in early and beat the influx of buyers who’ll who will inevitably be out looking once the holidays are over.

Not only will you be starting 2018 on the right foot by buying early, but you’ll also be entering the market while interest rates remain low. Both the ANZ and NAB recently predicted the Reserve Bank would raise rates twice next year whereas the Commonwealth Bank forecasted a single rate rise.

Buy now and you’ll be able to take control and lessen the impact of any interest rate rises by perhaps fixing (or part-fixing) your interest rate.

You could also direct any spare money to pay down your mortgage before future rises hit – that’s a double bonus if you consider that making extra payments at the start has the greatest impact on reducing your loan term.

Every year, it’s a sad fact that millions of Australians start the new year with their finances in post-Christmas disarray. But if you’ve already got things in order, this period of time could actually be an opportunity to put down a deposit and potentially watch your investment begin to rise in value – even while it’s being built.

Of course, there’s also the appeal of escaping the rent race. While rents keep rising, you can breathe a bit easier knowing that you’ll be moving into your dream home sooner and paying your own mortgage rather than your landlord’s.
If rising interest rates aren’t enough to get you thinking about owning your own home, locking in your base house price and promotional offer before the new year rise might help make the decision for you.

For a limited time, you can choose from one of five add-on packs available to our Lumina and Aspire range for a reduced cost. Plus, we’re giving you the chance to build your new home using fully rendered Hebel  – at no extra cost.

Want to start 2018 with your new home on the way? Arrange a personalised tour through one of our stunning display homes by contacting a New Home Consultant today.

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