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Building towards a greener future


At Arden Homes, our commitment to sustainability is one of our guiding principles. Our team is constantly innovating to improve not only value for our customers, but also the sustainability of each project, from minimising waste during construction through to ensuring the home we build you is as energy efficient as possible so you’re set for the long-term, too.

We’re also committed to providing leadership in this space through transparent practices and a willingness to contribute knowledge to benefit the industry as a whole. Here are just some of the ways we’re making our homes, and our industry – more sustainable.

Levelling up your energy efficiency with clever design

Innovative design is an Arden Homes signature, and while making comfort and luxury affordable remains a priority, we’re always looking at ways to make that luxury more sustainable too.

We’ll work really closely with you in the planning stages to optimise the way your home uses the space on your block, from orientation and suncourt locations through to accounting for cross-ventilation with window and door placements, helping you to take advantage of natural elements to keep your comfort high and your costs low. We’re really proud to offer unparalleled design flexibility in many of our floor plans, and we’ll have recommendations at the ready to help you maximise the sustainability of your home.

The future is bright with solar

We’re so excited to be able to offer solar panels at no extra cost with every Arden home, with the option to upgrade to a Tesla Powerwall, supplied by our partners at Bradford Energy.

We’re determined to provide our clients with a range of options when it comes to energy efficiency to add value to their homes and lives. We include a 5.4kW grid connected solar PV system with the option of a 14kWh daily cycle Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage device and energy usage monitoring system.

This state of the art system provides our clients with the ability to power their home during the day and store unused energy in the Tesla Powerwall that they can use in the evenings, typically when electricity costs are at their highest. We’ve crunched the numbers and found that investing in this system will save a typical family over $2,000 on their energy costs each year, and allow them to be 96% self-sufficient when it comes to their electricity needs.

The detailed energy usage monitoring system also provides the ability to measure and control solar consumption, energy production and energy use, enabling homeowners to minimise [or in some cases almost eliminate] their electricity costs by load shifting based on available power.

Minimising construction waste

We’re committed to sustainability at the construction phase, too. Sustainability Victoria estimates that waste from the construction and demolition industry represents ⅓ of Victoria’s total landfill contribution, and that’s unacceptable to us.

At Arden Homes, we use Job Site Recyclers, which means that 95% of our construction waste is recycled. Our construction teams share our overarching commitment to sustainable building practices and diverting as much waste as possible from landfill.

As sustainability becomes more and more of a priority for our customers, we look forward to continuing to innovate to provide solutions and inclusions that will surprise, delight, and add value for our customers – and hopefully pave the way for other volume builders to do the same.

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