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Choosing the perfect window furnishings for your home


Few of the design decisions you make when building a home require you to consider as many variables as your choice of window furnishings. Not only are there important aesthetic decisions to be made to ensure your window furnishings match your home’s style, you’ll also need to consider other factors such as regulating natural light in different areas of the house, reducing noise where required and even whether you need additional insulation in some rooms.

To help navigate the world of windows, we thought we’d provide some guidance about the different options available and how to make the perfect selections to complement your home.




The perfect way to add sophistication and softness to your space, sheer curtains are often a popular choice for Master Suites. 

Offering privacy while still allowing light to filter through, sheers are a practical choice for most homes. If you prefer a blackout effect to maximise your sleep-ins, pair them with a roller blind in the same colour as your wall paint. 

Installing your curtain track just below the architraves can either emphasise a high ceiling if you’ve got one, or create the illusion of one if you don’t! 

When it comes to tracks and headings, there are two styles that we work with most frequently: 

  • S-fold (also known as wavefold): A clean, modern look, S-fold is named for the evenly spaced, S-shaped folds that characterise this style
  • Pencil heading: Less structured than S-fold, pencil pleats have traditionally had a more classic appeal but have transitioned seamlessly into eclectic modern interiors 


We love drapes in heavy, rich fabrics for rooms like the home theatre where blocking out light and sound is important. 

For the best effect, install the track as closely under the architrave as you can, and run your drapes beyond the perimeter of the window – expansive wall-to-wall drapes can add extra opulence to a room. 

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds aren’t just a great design choice thanks to their soft pleats and variety of colours – they’re also a practical option, with light-filtering fabrics helping to block out light and provide thermal insulation. 

Plantation Shutters 

Popular in coastal and contemporary homes, shutters are perfect for privacy and filtering noise from outdoors. Louvred blades give you control over how much light enters your room, but it’s worth noting that even when closed, shutters don’t block out light completely. 

Opt for a white shade for traditional or coastal homes, and a darker stain if your facade is more modern. 


Neat, minimal and modern, rollers are a versatile choice that suit just about any home style. You can customise everything from fabric colour and thickness, to whether you want to operate your rollers manually or with a motor. 

For Master Suites, layering a light-filtering blind with a blockout style allows for more control and privacy without impacting the flow of light. 

If you have black accents in the room, such as tapware or window frames, a black roller can be a striking choice; a white roller on the other hand won’t draw the eye and blends in with the rest of the room. 

There you have it – your guide to all of the different window furnishings, and our tips on how to get the most out of them! If you’d like to see the impact different window furnishings can have, why not take a virtual tour of one of our display homes? You can do so right here.

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