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Suppliers & Partnerships

Classy Cabinetry


It’s important that our homes are fitted with materials that reflect the high-quality standards by which we create them. That’s why our suppliers play such a crucial role in the creation of our homes.

At Arden, we select suppliers that are trusted for their durable and high-quality products. Polytec is one supplier whose products complete our homes with impeccable style.

Polytec’s Melamine range features in many of our homes, adding character to kitchen cupboards, island benches, bathroom vanities and laundry setups.

Kitchen cupboard doors often cover the largest surface in your kitchen, and so they require materials that are practical, robust and aesthetically pleasing. To give your kitchen distinctive character, Polytec’s Melamine range offers a generous variety of colour and decorative finish options, including Texture, Matt, Ashgrain, Finegrain, Sheen and the new Woodmatt finish. We enjoy using Polytec’s Melamine range as they deliver a high-quality aesthetic while providing the practicality that is essential for the kitchen environment.

The new Woodmatt finish from polytec offers a subtle woodgrain embossing with a matt surface to look and feel like a true veneer, setting a benchmark in Australian made door and panel manufacturing.

No longer a design afterthought, we create stylish, sleek and functional laundries that make washing feel like less of a chore. Creating the perfect laundry space starts with efficiency and practicality, featuring the right appliances, the right surface space and plenty of storage. Polytec’s range of moisture-resistant products are the perfect choice when selecting the laundry joinery for our homes.

These amazing products come as standard inclusions in all of our home ranges. You also have the option to upgrade to a range of finishes, including thermolaminate as an additional charge.

Polytec’s durable and resistant products give us, and our customers, peace of mind.

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