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Aspire Range | Suppliers & Partnerships | Sustainability

The Commercial Project x Arden x Fisher & Paykel


Design has always been at the forefront of everything we do at Arden, and arguably the most important element of design that faces us today is sustainability. We recently had the opportunity to talk with The Commercial Project to discuss how we’ve collaborated with our long-term partners, Fisher & Paykel to design beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces within the home.

Since launching Arden Electrified earlier this year, our entire range of homes are now all-electric and address sustainability on both micro and macro levels, from appliance selection and thermal performance to cutting reliance on fossil fuels and coal-powered energy.

We were honoured to take The Commercial Project through the Milan 29, one of two new all-electric displays at Redstone Estate in Sunbury. The Milan kitchen features an induction cooktop and electric ovens, an integrated French door refrigerator freezer, integrated dishwasher andiIntegrated rangehood. Our Director, Dean Morrison, says partnering with Fisher & Paykel is an easy choice, “We’ve partnered with Fisher & Paykel with great success for a number of years. We understand that quality counts, and that our homes are only as good as the suppliers we use. We chose Fisher & Paykel for our Aspire range homes due to the design, per­formance and quality of its products,” Dean says – adding, “Fisher & Paykel provides a great range of all-electric appliances with sustainable benefits that align with our over­all vision; not only do consumers get beau­tiful products but they’re functional as well.”  

Milan 29 Kitchen
Milan 29 Kitchen

We’ve worked hard to make sure our all-electric homes have maintained the design and comfort our customers love, but the best part? It also comes at no extra cost. We believe your home should elevate how you live, while lowering your energy bills and minimising environmental impact. Making a better choice for your family and the environment should be effortless and affordable – for all of us.

Dean puts it best when he says, “our all-electric homes lower your energy bills whilst minimising environmental impact. They’re all designed to create a beautifully welcoming environment that feels comfort­able every day and in every season.”

By removing the need for gas in our homes – and yours – we’re all making a positive change towards a brighter future. Our all-electric homes are carbon neutral and produce the same amount of renewable energy that they use. By creating zero carbon emissions, your home makes a difference to reduce climate change.

Our all-electric, carbon-neutral homes feature:


·         Energy saving solar panels

·         All-electric cooking appliances including induction cooktop

·         Energy-saving solar panels

·         Ducted reverse-cycle Haier heating and cooling

·         Integrated heat pump hot water service

·         Double glazing to windows

·         LED downlights

·         Three phase power


We’ve always invested in sustainability, creating new ways to help you live better and inspire a future we all deserve. And as Victoria’s first volume builder to promise all-electric, 100% carbon neutral homes, we’re proud to lead the charge.


Read our article in The Commercial Project Issue 10.

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