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Fabulous flooring, twenty-floor seven


While it’s not always the most noticed or appreciated part of a room, flooring has a big impact on the overall ambience, style and comfort of your home. Durability, low-maintenance, practicality and aesthetic are all important factors for your home’s flooring material.

Because we’re dedicated to helping our clients create the home of their dreams, we offer a generous range of flooring options, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Check out a few popular flooring trends that are taking the interior design world by storm below:

Mixed variation carpet

Neutral carpets that have a mixture of both light and dark tones have become particularly popular in recent years. Due to the range of colour and tone found in mixed variation neutral carpets, it enables greater ease when integrating it with furniture, paint and other stylistic elements within a room. And it goes without saying that neutral tones are highly versatile.

We offer a range of different carpet types across seven price categories, which come in many contemporary colour varieties, from charcoals to taupes, soft beiges and greys.

Our Category 1 carpets are solution-dyed polypropylene which are colourfast and stain resistant, making them perfect for busy families with young children and pets. Our Category 3 carpets are made from solution-dyed nylon, which is extremely hard-wearing & stain resistant. It’s perfect for high traffic areas and will hold its colour. These carpets are softer than polypropylenes and come in plush-styles, as well as twists, loops and sisals. We also have a 100% wool-sisal carpet in Category 6 which is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with allergies.

Among the many varieties of carpets we offer, loop styles are very popular. They work well with all design styles, from classic to modern.

Grey timber

Grey tones are leading the way for a variety of flooring options, particularly that of timber, or timber-look materials. Wide board styles in mid-tones with realistic timber grains add sense of natural flair to your home, and look perfect in your living, dining and kitchen spaces.

At Arden, we offer a selection of water-resistant timber-look laminates and waterproof hard plank vinyl, as well as engineered timber in a generous variety of colours and styles from Perfect Timber Floors. Timber-look tile planks by Beaumont Tiles have also become popular as a hard-wearing, low maintenance alternative to timber.

Concrete and stone-look tiles

Appreciated for their durability, natural appearance and cool tones, concrete and stone-look tiles can be worked into both a traditional or modern interior design. Rectangular formats can be laid in a brick pattern for a more classic feel, or you can experiment with shapes and sizes to create a unique tiling scheme for your home.

At Arden, we offer a large range of floor and wall tiles from Beaumont Tiles, to ensure our customers can find a style to suit their unique taste. For Arden buyers, we’ve noticed that matte finishes are much more popular than gloss, and grey tones remain as the top chosen colour for tiling throughout the home.

When selecting flooring, we understand it’s difficult to look at a small sample and decide if it’s the right finish and material for your home. That’s why we have our very own Design Lab colour showroom, offering buyers the opportunity to explore a range of inclusions and get their questions answered, making the design process all the more effortless.

We believe in equipping our buyers with necessary and accurate details, helping you to make informed purchasing decisions. Our team of interior design experts guide you every step of the way, flat laying the products you select from the showroom, and providing advice so you are comfortable with the selections made for your new home.

We encourage you to look, touch, listen and ask as much as you like when it comes to visiting our Design Lab showroom, ensuring the process isn’t at all rushed.

To book in your free Design Lab Showroom appointment, contact our New Home Consultants today.

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