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Feng Shui Basics for Your Arden Home


With the Lunar New Year in full swing, why not kick start the Year of the Pig with harmony and balance, through the art of feng shui?

What is feng shui?
Feng shui involves the balance of energies, known as Qi. Through the particular placement of specific elements in your home, you can manifest positive energies and expel negative energies to promote harmony. This can ultimately result in a more relaxed, fulfilling and prosperous home life.

Feng shui tips for your home
At Arden, we deliver a level of customisation that simply isn’t offered by other home builders. We can flip rooms, alter floor plans and move walls to ensure your home aligns with the balance and harmony you desire.

Here are some tips to implement feng shui in your home, and encourage positive Qi as you plan your dream home:

First impressions
First impressions are important since they set the ambience of your home. This means the front garden and entrance are extremely important areas for implementing effective feng shui practices. The main entry of your home is very important in feng shui as it is through the front door that the house absorbs its Qi. Here are some ways to harness feng shui in the entrance of your home:
• Clear your front garden and pathway of clutter
• Place greenery near the front to create a welcoming energy
• Ensure there are no mirrors facing the entrance – this will prevent good energy from entering by reflecting it outwards
• Ensure your front door does not align with your back door – this will cause harsh feng shui energies

Natural light
Light is extremely important in feng shui – particularly natural lighting. It helps to connect your home’s interior and the people who live there with the natural outdoor environment, creating a grounded and positive energy.

At Arden, we are particularly conscious of maximising natural light in all of our homes. We consider the orientation and aspect of the block and the home, and develop a floorplan that harnesses sunlight, to promote bright and airy interiors. This allows our customers to not only implement feng shui practices effortlessly, but step up to homes that redefine space, style and light.

Clutter-free kitchens
Spacious, airy, bright and clutter-free kitchens – and their connecting rooms – help to encourage the flow of positive energy through the home. Since the kitchen and living spaces are often the hub of the home, it’s important that these spaces harbour light and harmonious energies.

Kitchens designed by Arden Homes are intelligently crafted, maximising space and harnessing light and airflow. They also feature generous storage space to ensure your benchtops remain free of clutter.

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