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Build Journey | Testimonials

Steph and Steve – Construction


Our goal at Arden Homes is always to provide our customers with a home they’re truly proud of, and it’s very validating for our team to be able to witness our customers’ delight as they watch their dream home come to life as our customers share their build  journeys with us.

Steph and Steve decided to build with Arden after falling in love with the Votivo display home at Lyndarum Estate. They’ve been incredibly generous in documenting and sharing their build journey to give other new home buyers a glimpse into how we do things.

In the second part of our Blog series featuring Steph and Steve, we’re taking a birds-eye view of the construction process, and how the home progressed once the contract stage was completed!

Once the slab went down, our construction team got to work with framing up Steph and Steve’s new Votivo home, including some tweaks to the floor plan that we helped them make in the pre-construction phase. Steve works in the building maintenance industry and has renovated and sold six homes of his own prior to the build, so it was important that they chose the right builder for their forever home. 

‘We were really impressed with the flexibility when it came to adding the little touches like a shower in the powder room and higher ceilings in the garage for my vans, to truly make this home our own.’ 

Once the walls and trusses of the home were completed, it was inspected again by our independent surveyor to ensure everything was in order and looking good, then the team was able to complete all the external cladding and roofing, and install all the windows and external doors to take Steph and Steve’s forever home to the lock-up stage – and one step closer to popping that all-important first bottle together on their new balcony!

‘It’s really beginning to feel like our home now – we can walk through it and envision what each room is going to look like. It’s an amazing feeling watching that 2D drawing take shape.’ 

After lockup the team moved on to the fixtures and finishes stage of the build, which is where we get to see the results of the hard work that Steph and Steve put in in the Design Lab with our team, and all the planning and pinning and moodboarding that went in beforehand.

‘If I could offer any piece of advice to someone building a new home, it would be to do your research when it comes to choosing your builder, and visit as many display homes as possible to get a feel for design and build quality. We put in a lot of planning beforehand so we really knew what we wanted going in – we watched a lot of renovation shows and spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest for styles that we really liked, so by the time we reached the Design Lab appointment stage, we already had a clear idea of what we were hoping to achieve for our home.’

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