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Décor & Inspiration

Styling tips from our Mickleham display homes


Display homes are a great source of style inspiration, and our talented interior designers are always at the forefront of the latest styles and trends.

We’ve spoken to the talented crew who styled our Bargello 42 MK2 and Sienna 28 display homes in Mickleham, and we’re sharing their top tips today.

So, no matter which home you’re building, bookmark this blog for plenty of interior inspiration!

Bargello 42 MK2

Style: Warm and sophisticated

Taking cues from contemporary and modern design, the warm and sophisticated style is all about elevated comfort. Statement furniture and plush furnishings complement the soft neutral tones of the floors, walls and ceilings. Timber joinery adds a sense of organic warmth, while natural light is reflected to enhance the sense of space. Metallic accents and luxurious textures feature prominently, reinforcing the feeling of sophistication.

Tips to recreate this look:

  • A monochromatic colour palette of white walls, grey tiled floors and black accents means you can go in any direction with your styling – neutrals, rich tones or soft whites and creams will all work in this kind of space 
  • To retain warmth and sophistication, try introducing dark timbers, plush velvets and gold metallic accents
  • If you’re looking for classic colourways and fabrics, you can’t go past navys, pinks and reds in plush velvet – we’ve woven these hues right throughout the Bargello 42 MK2 for their timeless appeal (like our olive and navy velvet bedheads, for instance) 
  • With so much stunning natural light flowing into the master bedroom, soft sheers can help add privacy while retaining brightness
  • A freestanding bath in the ensuite will provide a spacious and calming feeling, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day
  • To ensure the grey floor tiles don’t appear too cold, include plenty of timber, wood grains and joinery, to add warmth and softness
  • Add a textured rug to define your living space, we’ve used a chevron rug to really compliment the grey floor tiles
  • When it comes to benchtops, a bright surface can lift a space – we’ve opted for   Caesarstone Intense White benchtops for the kitchen

Sienna 28

Style: Natural, bright and modern

Creating a home that’s light-filled and textural, the natural bright and modern aesthetic combines clean lines with layers of organic materials. Timbers, stones and greenery are frequently employed to complement the brighter finishings. With a pared-back and modern elegance, this is a versatile aesthetic that allows for plenty of colour, pattern and creative styling.

Tips to recreate this look:

  • Opt for timber-look flooring to deliver warm tones, scratch resistance, a waterproof surface and a soft underfoot feeling
  • Play with natural materials and textures, including washed linens, boucle, terrazzo and timber, this will provide a warm and modern aesthetic
  • Try adding features like a soft grass weave wallpaper behind the master bedhead to add texture and dimension to the room
  • Fill your spaces with greenery, it complements the natural tones and white walls, while adding life and colour
  • This kind of home lends itself to playful and bright patterns, don’t be afraid to have some fun with your styling
  • Take advantage of the natural light from the suncourts to the rear and side of the home, cleverly placing your furniture will continue to bring the ‘outside in’
  • To heighten the sense of cosiness and warmth in your theatre room, opt for tan tones in the walls and ceilings
  • To add some contrast and freshness in your kitchen, an organic white Ceaserstone benchtop is a great choice


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We would love you to visit our stunning display homes in person, check out our display locations here.

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