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Supplier feature – COLORBOND® Steel



Sustainability is a big part of the way we do business at Arden, and COLORBOND® steel is a great way to improve the sustainability of your home.

In summer, a lightweight insulated roof made from COLORBOND® steel helps reduce heat radiated into your home at night1. That’s because steel has a low thermal mass, so it cools down fast once the sun is off it. In winter the same steel roof, properly insulated, helps keep the heat inside. The choice of colour can also influence thermal performance. Lighter colours, in particular, radiate less heat during summer1.

COLORBOND® steel also incorporates Thermatech® solar reflectance technology, designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot sunny days. Thermatech® technology optimises the solar reflectance properties in every colour (except Night Sky®) in the standard COLORBOND® steel range2.

Another factor that we take into consideration where sustainability is concerned is longevity. COLORBOND® steel is designed to cope with Australian conditions, which means it’s less likely to need replacing. All COLORBOND® steel contains recycled content and the steel in COLORBOND® steel is 100% recyclable’

Tested and rated for Australian conditions

Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions in the world, and things are likely to get more extreme as we continue to experience the effects of climate change. We’re committed to providing a roofing solution designed to withstand the often hostile conditions in which our customers live.

COLORBOND® steel is assessed extensively, both at a number of harsh outdoor sites around Australia, and in an accelerated laboratory setting.

COLORBOND® steel undergoes corrosion testing, durability testing and application testing (to ensure it can be used in a wide range of building and manufacturing applications, and with all the common building products used across the industry).

You can be confident that COLORBOND® steel has been designed and tested for Australian homes and Australian conditions.

Low maintenance

You’ve got better things to do with your weekend than maintain your roof, and maintaining a roof made from COLORBOND® steel could not be simpler. In the areas across Melbourne in which we build, the rainfall is generally sufficient to keep your COLORBOND® steel roof nice and clean, giving you years of maintenance-free enjoyment, and weekends free to spend however you choose.

BlueScope has been providing top quality products like COLORBOND® steel to Australians for over 50 years, and it’s backed with a sterling reputation for quality and customer service, which extends to the warranty3 available on their products.

We’re really proud of the decision to include a roof made from COLORBOND® steel as part of our standard inclusions and we look forward to watching our customers enjoy the long term benefits and satisfaction from this iconic Australian brand.



  1. Results will depend on roof colour, level and location of insulation, type and location of building shape and function.
  2. Thermatech® technology is not available in Night Sky®, or non-standard colours, and is not available in COLORBOND® Metallic steel or COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel.
  3. Warranty subject to exclusions, application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your product for the warranty visit or contact BlueScope on 1800 800 789

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