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Take the next step in sustainable living


We are incredibly proud to have launched Arden Electrified earlier this year. Our all-electric homes are 100% carbon neutral, producing the same amount of renewable energy they consume. By creating zero carbon emissions, you can be sure your Arden home is making a positive difference to the environment, now and in the future.

All Arden homes come complete with:

  • Energy-saving solar panels
  • All-electric cooking appliances, including induction cooktop
  • Ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling
  • Integrated heat pump hot water service
  • Double glazing to windows
  • LED downlights 
  • Three phase power

We’re invested in creating new ways to help you live better by reducing your carbon footprint and dependence on the electrical grid. To add to this welcomed initiative, we are excited to introduce our newest offering in our quest for more sustainable living – a solar battery, at no extra cost!

So, let’s talk about why a solar battery is an important addition to your new home and some of the benefits you can expect.

What is a solar battery?

As we know, solar panels absorb energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing homes with an excellent source of renewable energy. Solar batteries allow energy storage, ensuring you get the most out of your solar system every day of the year, even when the sun isn’t shining!

How does a solar battery work?

When a solar battery is integrated into an existing rooftop solar system, and there is a surplus of energy not used by the home during the day, the surplus energy can be stored. This energy supply can then power household appliances anytime (day or night) before any electricity is imported from the grid.


What are the benefits of having a solar battery?

Make the most of your solar system

Solar batteries allow the energy your solar system generates to be stored and contribute to your electricity supply, no matter the weather. This is a huge drawcard for Melbournians, as solar batteries mean you can still use solar energy even when there is cloud cover.

Save money

Utility bills can be reduced even further when our all-electric, solar homes are fitted with solar battery storage. According to Energy Australia, solar batteries can almost double a home’s self-consumption of solar energy. By reducing the amount of power accessed from the grid, energy bills can be reduced by up to $2,100^ per year – and in the current climate, this is music to our ears!

Peace of mind

We’ve all experienced frustrating power outages caused by severe storms, unexcepted technical faults, planned maintenance work and supply-demand restrictions during peak hot summer periods. Having no power available is even more inconvenient for those of us working from home. Having onsite energy storage gives you peace of mind, as power will always be available. 

Exclusive Offer

At Arden, we’re proud to be Victoria’s first volume builder to promise all-electric, 100% carbon-neutral homes. And as the next step in our mission for more sustainable living, we are excited to offer a Soltaro solar battery in all Arden homes at no extra cost! All homes within our Lumina range will receive a 5kw battery, and homes in our Aspire range receive a 10kw battery. This offer is for a strictly limited time, so we recommend chatting to one of our New Home Consultants for more information.

When you live in an Arden home, you can relax knowing that you are reducing global emissions by minimising your carbon footprint to address climate change.


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