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Tesla Battery Storage


By combining these two smart products into your home, you will not only be utilising better, cleaner energy for your home, but it gives you, the homeowner, peace of mind that energy bills will be kept to a minimum.
So how does this revolutionary and renewable energy system work?

How it works
In short, it’s a large (but sleek) wall mounted lithium-ion battery that stores any excess energy generated by the solar panels on your roof. Basically, this means that you can use whatever solar power isn’t used during the day at night, when most of us tend to spend the most time at home.
So rather than watching all that clean energy disappear back into the grid, you can actually use it, greatly reducing your reliance on mains power, not to mention the amount on your quarterly electricity bill.

Tesla Powerwall is wall-mounted in your garage, and the cloud-based monitoring system is easily controlled through your tablet or mobile phone, making it easy to keep an eye on your usage, even when you’re elsewhere. Powerwall 2 can store up to 13.5 kWh of usable energy, which is enough to run a normal household through the night.

A 5.4kW Bradford Solar ChargePack with Tesla Powerwall2 can slash a family’s annual power bill by around $2,100. On any average day, a family of four could achieve up to 90% self-sufficiency.

It might sound complicated, but actually it couldn’t be simpler. Bradford takes care of the entire installation; from assessing your energy requirements through to ensuring the solar panels are placed in the right spot to get maximum sunlight.

So, all you have to do is flick on a light switch, or connect to your Wi-Fi as usual – for the savings to start flowing.

Since Arden Homes was established back in 2010, we’ve made it top priority to incorporate energy-smart design into all of our homes.

But in late 2016 we decided to go even further, spending several months researching the market before teaming up with Bradford Solar and as a result, Arden now offer the Bradford Solar ChargePack including Tesla Powerwall2 as a standard inclusion to every new home.

We’re extremely proud that we’re making this sustainable technology available to the wider population and we’re already finding savvy home buyers embracing the concept, knowing that they’re also saving money and ultimately improving the resale value of their new home.

To see this smart system in action, visit any of our display homes for more information

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