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Knockdown Rebuild

The Knockdown Rebuild Solution


Has your family outgrown your home but not its location? Are you struggling to find a larger home that fits your budget?

A knockdown rebuild could be the cost savvy, flexible and location-retaining solution you’ve been searching for.  The process involves demolishing your current house and replacing it with a new home.

When the right builder is engaged to undertake the knockdown and rebuild of your property, you are offered the opportunity to design a home that is custom-made for your family’s specific requirements, without the fear of blowing your budget and finding a new location.

There is an array of benefits to reconstructing your home with Arden:

Cut costs

Renovations or extensions can prove to be complicated and expensive with a long list of unforeseen construction issues and costs.  Many costs accompanying renovations and extensions are hard to establish during the planning and design stages.  While demolishing an entire house is generally a quick and uncomplicated job, the process of carefully disassembling sections of a structure and preserving others, which is often necessary during a renovation, is a more complex task.

If you’re considering moving home or building on a new block, then paying stamp duty is unavoidable.  As land and house prices continue to rise, stamp duty fees can put a hefty hole in your wallet.  Luckily, these charges do not apply when razing and restoring on an existing site.  And if we put these charges aside, let’s not forget the largest cost associated with buying a property – the land.  In fact, Melbourne is seeing land prices soar at a much higher rate than the national average.

Choosing to knockdown and rebuild with a trusted and honest builder like Arden means you can build your ideal home without the unwelcome surprise of unforeseen outlays.  Rebuilding with Arden provides you with the security of transparency – we are upfront about costs and extras so there are no budget blow outs.

Keep your location

Arden understands that a prime location is an important consideration when transforming a house into a home.  Demolishing and reconstructing your existing property is the perfect way to create the home you’ve always wanted in the location you love.  Retaining the locale in which you are settled and familiarised means there will be minimal disruption for your family, and you can remain close to family, friends and frequented amenities.  Moving schools, enduring long commutes and leaving social circles are difficulties your family can completely avoid.

Perhaps the biggest interruption your family will face during the construction process is provisionally renting a property.  However, this inconvenience is temporary and proves a small burden to bear as you await the completion of your ideal home.

Tailor your design

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a knockdown rebuild is the flexibility to design a home specifically tailored to the unique needs of your family. Unlike extending or renovating your property, you won’t have to contend with the constraints of adhering your building plans to fit with existing structures.  Knockdown rebuilds present you with a blank canvas and the freedom to experiment with styles, layouts and structures.  Reconstructing your home allows you to plan ahead and create a home that will cater for the changing needs of your family.

Rebuilding with Arden offers the ultimate opportunity to turn a layout into a home designed around the way you live due to our layout flexibility options.  We pride ourselves on our willingness to tailor homes that accommodate the distinctive requirements of your family.

Arden Homes are knockdown and rebuild specialists with a team of experienced new home consultants who can help you get started on your knockdown and rebuild project today.

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