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Décor & Inspiration | Sustainability

Top tips for designing your electrical plan – and how to maximise sustainability


There are so many options for customisation when you build with Arden. From the floorplan, to the colour scheme, to the fixtures and fittings, so much of your new Arden home can be tailored to ensure you get the home you’ve always wanted. 

One area of the home that is not always necessarily top of mind when considering a dream home is the electrical plan. While thinking about tiling or room colours is a fun part of the journey, your electrical plan can not only be a great experience, it’s also important to get it right from the outset.

We spoke with Arden’s Electrical & Sustainability Specialist, Lisa Hogan, to get her top tips for designing your electrical plan and how to maximise the sustainability of your home.


1. Research styles you love

Just like picking colours, finishes or a facade, your electrical plan should reflect the style that will make your dream home truly yours.

When you build with Arden, you’ll have a dedicated appointment with Lisa to determine the electrical and sustainability requirements of your home, and she recommends doing research prior to your appointment.

“Start thinking about things like light fittings throughout your home, LED vs globes, powerpoint locations and more – these little details come to life and support you in having a home that is functional and meets your needs not just now, but into the future.”

Lisa says that it’s worth checking out Arden display homes, Arden’s brochures, supplier websites, or social media sites like Pinterest. All these touchpoints will give you inspiration for the type of electrical elements you’ll want in your own home.


2. Consider your current and future needs

A great way to do some practical research is to look at your current home and see what works and what doesn’t work for you, particularly from an electrical perspective.

“Do you find that there’s not enough light in the bathroom, or perhaps you wish you could keep the kitchen lights on while having the living area’s lights off?” says Lisa. 

“What have you got in your current space that you use all the time and what have you got that you never use? Think about how you plan to set up your home, what functionality is required in each room, and how your lighting choices can support those plans.”

Another thing to consider is how long you’ll be in your home. If you’re considering reselling later in the medium-term, think about how each room will work for both you and the next occupant. 

Lisa says some electrical elements need to be considered before you build, as it can be harder to add them later on. 

“If you’re planning to put in a pool, an electric gate or additional lighting outside, for example, it’s definitely worth making allowances for these options prior to your build to save yourself the trouble of having to fit them in later on.”


3. Boost your sustainability

The brilliant part of building with Arden is that all of our homes are 100% carbon neutral and all–electric – but you can choose additional features to make your new home even more sustainable.

“Choosing to have more LED lights than globe fittings, zoning your air conditioning and lighting, and adding smart home functionality are all small things that can boost your home’s overall sustainability,” says Lisa.

Lisa also suggests considering upgrading your doors to ensure they’re double glazed, opting for heavier curtains once you move in to bolster the benefit of your double glazing, and researching battery storage options for your solar system to help further boost your home’s sustainability. 

“Adding more dimmers and switches for your home’s lighting is also a great way to reduce the amount of power you’re using and reduce your impact on the environment.” 


4. Use the tools available

All that research means that when it comes time to meet with Lisa, you’ll have a much better understanding of what electrical requirements you may have, but you’ll still have lots of support in finalising the layout.

When you choose your home design,, a preliminary plan is created which includes things like light fittings, sustainability elements and powerpoints. At your appointment with Lisa, you’ll go through this plan room by room. 

This appointment is an opportunity for you to get expert advice and guidance utilising our years of industry knowledge, to maximise the functionality and sustainability of your home, while ensuring it meets your needs for years to come. 

“For example, you may not have considered if you want powerpoints on either side of the bed in your bedroom, if the TV in your living area will be wall mounted, or where the Christmas tree will live,” says Lisa.

“I’m there to support clients by suggesting things they might not have considered before – and guiding them to the best outcome for liveability, saving on their energy bills, and reducing their overall carbon footprint.”


Building with Arden

If you’re looking to build the home of your dreams, we’re here to help. Our friendly team of experts are here to support and guide you. For an open conversation don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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