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Understanding Base Prices




Could you imagine buying a home without flooring? It would be outrageous, right? And yet, some builders exclude fundamental features from their base prices in order to appear cheaper. The truth is, not all base prices are comparable at first glance. So today, we’re discussing base prices to help you unlock the best value. 


What is a base price?

A base price is the cost of a fixed list of features that a builder considers standard. You’ll see that some builders offer temptingly-low base prices. But be wary – not all builders view ‘standard inclusions’ the same way. 


Shouldn’t I be seeking the lowest base price?

It’s easy to be attracted to a lower base price. We know that many people shop around for a low base price, and that would make perfect sense if all base prices had the same inclusions. 

But often, as you look at the detail, you see that the inclusions within base prices vary greatly. It can look like you’re getting a great deal on the surface, but the actual value becomes apparent once you dig deeper. 


What should a base price include?

As prospective buyers, it’s crucial to look at base prices and examine what the builder has included and excluded. So, make sure you start by carefully reviewing each builder’s inclusions. If the list of inclusions is vague or difficult to access, that could be a red flag.

Here at Arden, all of our homes include up-front and transparent pricing. Our Standard Inclusions Checklist details all of our key inclusions, so you can truly compare the value of our base price against our competitors.

Specifically, our Standard Inclusions Checklist details all-electric appliances, sinks, tapware, fixtures, finishes, flooring, electrical, ceilings, paint, doors, handles, staircases, energy, heating, cooling, vanities, basins, showers, baths, windows, cladding, façades, roofing, garages, connections and more. 

The guide makes it easy, giving you space to record other builders’ offerings.

How do Arden’s inclusions compare?

We make a point of offering unrivalled inclusions with every home we build. In fact, we guarantee it. We promise $20,000* towards your Arden home should you find better value elsewhere.

Some of our unrivalled inclusions include:

  • Haier reverse-cycle heating and cooling
  • Caesarstone benchtops in your kitchen 
  • Fisher & Paykel appliances
  • Rendered Hebel exteriors
  • A COLORbond® steel roof 
  • Double glazing for windows
  • Energy saving solar panels
  • LED downlights

Some builders classify these items – like stone benchtops, double glazing and flooring – as bonus items or upgrades. But we believe that offering elevated, quality inclusions from the outset means you get the best value for money. We only use quality products and work with quality brands, so you aren’t compelled to upgrade every standard inclusion listed in your base price.

And as industry leaders in sustainability, we offer all Arden homes 100% gas-free and all-electric as a standard. We’re the first volume builder to offer carbon neutrality at no extra cost because we believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency and sustainability.

While some base prices seem more expensive than others, make sure you look closely – some builders (including Arden) are more transparent, more detailed and offer greater value.

To take a closer look at the inclusions across our Aspire and Lumina ranges, be sure to view our inclusions guides. And if you’d like to chat about inclusions, base prices or comparisons, we’re always here to help.

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