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Sustainability | Why Arden

Understanding Carbon Neutral Homes


We’ve all heard the term “carbon neutral”, but what does carbon neutral really mean and how can it benefit both you and the planet? At Arden, this year we began offering all-electric, 100% carbon neutral homes at no extra cost; that was an exciting milestone for our business and one that is incredibly beneficial to our clients. Today, we wanted to share with you the reasons carbon neutral homes are the future of homeownership and the benefits they can provide right now.

Before we talk about the advantages of carbon neutral, let’s start with the basics. When related to housing, carbon neutral fundamentally means that a home produces carbon offsets that are equal to or more than the amount of carbon produced by the home.

What this means in the context of an Arden home is that the home is producing as much electricity from the solar panels on the roof, as the total amount of electricity actually used by people living in the home. That includes everything from using lights, to cooking, to hot water: this electricity usage is all offset by those solar panels.

Pretty incredible, right? While it sounds good, you might be asking what are the actual benefits to a homeowner? Well, we like to break them down into three key areas.

Better for the environment

As well as using renewable energy (solar), Arden homes are designed to use less energy overall. Features such as double glazing, reverse-cycle heating and cooling, and high quality wall and ceiling insulation mean you’ll be using less energy in the first place. This coupled with a technology like solar power means all components work together to ensure your home is more energy efficient and can create the energy you need to power your home.

By going carbon neutral,  your home makes a difference by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately helping towards climate change.

Reduce your household power bills

Rising power bills are always a point of contention for households but a carbon neutral home can actually help your budget as your roof mounted solar PV system should result in a reduction to your power bills. With so much talk around cost of living pressures, the significant discounts you can receive on your energy bill through solar rebates make carbon neutral living a great way to save money.

Increase your home’s overall value

Sustainable living and carbon neutral homes are only going to get more popular – so by future-proofing your home now, you’re investing in your home’s overall value long term. Solar power continues to gain popularity with time and, for instance, the move to induction cooking over gas cooking is picking up pace with every passing day. 

When you build with Arden, you will have access to inclusions that will help add value to your home but come at no extra cost. Every Arden home includes:

  • Energy saving solar panels
  • All-electric and highly efficient appliances
  • Stiebel-Eltron heat pump technology
  • Haier ducted heating and cooling system
  • Double glazed windows
  • High quality wall and ceiling insulation.

Our clients can feel at ease knowing that they are doing what they can to help reduce global emissions and address climate change, while enjoying all the immediate benefits of a carbon neutral home for themselves.

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