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Which Should Come First – your House or Land?


The Herald Sun article we posted on our Facebook page recently is a great starting place to get you thinking about the process of buying your house and land.

But at Arden we believe that your first step should be to find the right house for you. Not just for now, but for the years ahead as your family grows and life changes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re living in the best estate in the world if your house is dark, or it faces the wrong way, or it feels like everyone is living on top of each other. Parents needs to be able to retreat to the privacy of the master bedroom away from the rest of the house. Students need to be able to work in their bedrooms zoned away from the disruption of the television or home cinema. Mothers want to be able keep an eye on toddlers from the kitchen. Perhaps you want a formal lounge room or quiet corners for elderly family members. Or you plan to entertain friends and family – indoors and outdoors – in a showcase home you can be proud of.

So think carefully about how you want to live and talk to our new home consultants. Arden carefully limits the number of homes we build each month so that we have time to work with you one-on-one. It means sitting down – often over several meetings – to find the best layout for your budget, your needs and your aspirations. We believe building your home is about sharing your dreams and getting exactly what you want  – and not just another cookie cutter home.

Once you’ve settled on a design we can help you find land on the right estate. We know what’s available and what is hot. We also know the pitfalls and hidden costs to look out for. So have another coffee and let’s look at how and where you want to live.

Design flexibility

Perhaps more than anything else, Arden homeowners tell us that it was our design flexibility that made all the difference for them. We can flip rooms, move walls and even call up a new set of revised drawings of a layout just for you.

The way your house is oriented to the sun can help save on energy bills in the years to come. Your new home should be flooded with natural light and be sited to give the best views of the outdoors.

If you already own a block or are planning a knockdown rebuild, we can work with you to tailor a design to suit your particular needs. We have lots of experience in this area and can create a plan to suit the block and the neighbourhood.

So we advise you to talk to our consultants first and pin down exactly what house you want. We can then help you find the right estate and tailor a layout to get the best out of your building block. We’re always happy to talk, compare layouts discuss budgets and make clear what’s included as standard and what extras are available.

And, by the way, you don’t need to be about to buy – in fact the earlier you sit down for a chat, the more comfortable you’ll be about the whole process.

We’ve built a reputation for affordable luxury, architecturally inspired homes and working with people one on one to build their dream home – not someone else’s.

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