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Why Double Glazed Windows Are A Great Choice


What if we told you there was an easy way to lower your energy bills, increase your home’s comfort and sustainability, and reduce noise pollution? You’re in luck – because there is!

Double glazing your home’s windows is an easy and effective way to do all of the above.

Double glazed windows are specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings. They work by trapping a still layer of air between two panes of glass – which acts as a type of insulation. The more still, trapped air in a wall or window, the better resistance to heat transfer.

All Arden homes come with double glazed windows throughout as standard, excluding corner butt joined windows. 

So what are the full benefits of having double glazed windows in your home?


Warmer in winter, cooler in summer

One of the top benefits of double glazed windows is their energy efficiency, and the improved comfort for home occupants they provide all year round. Double glazed windows insulate against heat and cold up to four times more effectively than single glazed windows!

The layer of insulation that double glazing creates captures natural heat and stores it during cooler months – keeping your home warmer and more comfortable during those chilly Melbourne winters.

On the flip side, double glazing can also trap some of the rays coming through your windows on a hot summer day – stopping too much heat from coming into your home. This means less air-conditioning is required – which brings us to our next benefit.


Lower energy bills

With the cost of living rising, who doesn’t want a way to lower their energy bills? Double glazed windows help to lower your ongoing energy bills by minimising your home’s reliance on artificial heating and cooling to stay comfortable. 

It takes less energy to heat or cool a room that has double glazed windows too, which contributes to lower energy bills and cost savings. Plus – using less energy is better for the environment. Win win!


Minimised noise pollution

Noisy neighbours? No worries! Double glazed windows filter out twice as much noise pollution as a single pane of glass! 

No matter if you live on a busy road or noisy area, double glazed windows will help reduce any external noise you would normally hear within your home – making it a more comfortable space to be in.

The good news is that the noise reduction works in reverse as well, so if you like to listen to your music loud, you can do so while reducing the risk of waking up the neighbours!


Reduced condensation risk

Double glazed windows create an airtight seal which prevents condensation build up, reducing the amount of moisture on your window panes. The interior glass pane of your windows also stays close to room temperature thanks to its insulation effects, further reducing your condensation risk. 

Why is this important? Other windows often allow condensation to build up which can create mould issues later down the track.


Building with Arden

At Arden, we believe sustainability shouldn’t cost the earth – which is why all our homes are all-electric and 100% carbon neutral, with up to $41,000 worth of sustainable inclusions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a sustainable, stylish home that meets all of your needs.

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