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Why Arden

Why we love building homes for our own team members


It’s an extra-special feeling when one of our own team members chooses to build their home with Arden. Our team has a deep understanding of what’s involved in building a new home, so it really speaks volumes that they trust Arden with the task, putting faith not only in the quality of the homes we build, but also in the systems that we adhere to as a team to deliver the best results possible.

We’ve had a number of our Arden team members build homes with us now, and each one is a real vote of confidence to the homes we build – so we’ve done a little recap of some of them to share with you, including the home designs they have chosen.

While every team member has a unique build story of their very own, they share a common thread of gratitude for their positive build experiences – they’ve also got some tips for those undertaking a build journey of their own!

Kylie (Senior Interior Designer) Votivo 43

Kylie's Kitchen

‘We had a dream run with our build. We tried to make the initial paperwork as detailed as possible, so we didn’t need to change much throughout the process. We chose the Votivo 43 for its clever use of space and great value for money, and I adore it, especially my big kitchen with the butler’s pantry – perfect for doing all the messy prep tasks you can shut the door on while entertaining!’

Nathan (Construction Manager) Bargello 39, Voss Façade

‘As someone who is experienced in the industry, building my own home with Arden gave me a greater appreciation of just how good our processes are and how everyone in the team works hard and plays their role to give the customer a seamless experience and a great end result. We were lucky enough to not experience any hurdles along the way, but we’d always recommend double checking things if you’re unsure – the team is here to help.’

Victoria (House & Land Coordinator) Venice 17, Mason Façade

‘Working at Arden and having exposure to the building industry really sparked my interest in home ownership, and as a first home buyer I was looking for something affordable yet stylish. Building a home of my own has given me a greater appreciation for the customer experience. It’s shaped things in terms of my perspective as an employee, not just as a customer. I have a clearer picture now of what clients will ask for and the concerns they might experience, and how best to help them feel things out for the best result’

Rick - (General Manager, Operations) Milan 29

Rick's Build

‘We chose the Milan 29 for how well suited it was to our block. We adore the light-filled living spaces, and the sensational kitchen/pantry/laundry zone. We love entertaining, and watching our children enjoy the space. We had a hiccup-free build with really wonderful, respectful tradesmen – we were quite decisive right from the start and didn’t make too many changes, which really helps things move along quickly. It’s best to ask all your questions right at the start!’

Paul & Arno-  (Accountant + GM of Finance) Bargello 42 MK2, Portsea Facade

Paul Arno Build Kitchen

`We chose the Bargello because of the beautiful master suite downstairs. As this was an investment property, we decided the more space available, the better! The build process was incredibly smooth and the open lines of communication were a real highlight throughout the process. We were able to secure some lovely tenants almost immediately, and seeing the home furnished after they moved in was a real highlight.’

Candin (Sales Operation Manager) - Samara 22, Brookwater Facade

Candin Build

‘As first home buyers, my partner and I decided to build our first home as an investment. Once it started taking shape, however, we fell in love and ultimately decided to move in ourselves! We loved the experience of choosing our own colour scheme and all the ways the team were able to support us in really customising our home – it’s almost completed now and we’ll be moving in any day now, with our four cats!

Nikolaj and Medina (Production Estimator+ Tender Presenter) - Milan 29 MK3, Brookwater Facade

Nikolaj and Medina have been working at Arden for several years and both love the company. They found the perfect block in Gippsland and have recently signed their contract to build the Milan 29 MK3. They’re so excited to see their home come to life over the next year. They have both loved different aspects of the journey so far, with the colour selections being Medina’s favourite part and Nikolaj taking interest in the electrical finishes and design. They cannot wait to drive into their driveway for the first time and enjoy the view of the golf course from their front porch!

Mitch (Production Manager) Venice 17

Milan Kitchen

‘We built the Venice 17 an investment property – as the Head of Estimating at Arden, I ran the numbers and immediately saw the amazing value of building an investment with Arden. We decided on the Venice 17 because of its broad appeal, open layout and cleverly zoned, light-filled spaces. Once complete, the home was snapped up immediately by a great tenant who is lucky to call this beautiful place home!’

Dean Morrison (Director), Bargello 42 MK2

The Bargello is one of our most popular designs, not just with our clients, but also with our Director! Dean recently built the Bargello 42 MK2 and he and his family now call it home. ‘The Bargello was the right choice for us because of how intelligently it’s structured for family living – the kids have their own spaces upstairs, and the kitchen and dining area is so spacious and sunny with great indoor-outdoor flow. We finished it off with a pool to really make the most of the outdoor living space!

We’re grateful to the team members who choose to build with us, because it gives us an objective eye over our processes from the customer’s perspectives – it’s a joy to create beautiful homes for our colleagues, but also to have opportunities for feedback so we can continue to evolve the experience we’re offering to every Arden customer too.

Dean Build

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